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The Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) (formerly TC-CHAIRS) consists of the Chairs of the active Technical Committees and functions as an ongoing status and coordination group for the Technical Committees under the guidance of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Technical Coordination Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the Chairs of the Technical Committees. The TCC meets by conference call and electronically on a regular basis as determined by the committee, generally weekly, to ensure that TC activities are monitored and guided as necessary.

In addition to its regular coordination functions, the Technical Coordination Committee is charged by the Board with:

  • Final approval for publication of Technical Committee documents which have passed Last Call status.
  • Coordination of work efforts among Technical Committees to develop documents intended in part to be submitted to an outside effort such as a working group within a standards body.
  • Coordination of liaisons with external standards bodies under the guidance of the Director, External Relations.

Begin and End Dates

The Technical Coordination Committee is a standing committee.

TCC Reflector Mailing List


You must be an employee of a Consortium member and a Chair or Co-Chair of a Consortium Technical Committee to be subscribed to this mailing list. You must be subscribed to the TCC mailing list to post messages to this mailing list.


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