CalConnect LOCALIZATION Technical Committee


Having text presented in ones own language is both a reasonable expectation and in some places a legal requirement.


Enable standardization of localization technologies and approaches, and topics relevant to the usage of localization, for digital storage and interoperability that utilize localization.

The TC will align this work with standards being developed by other bodies such as ISO.

The TC will identify those calendar attributes which require localization and define an appropriate data model.

The following topics are considered out of scope:

  • Consideration as to how different representations of the same attributes are synchronized. This is a workflow issue.

Example use cases

The current iCalendar standards do not provide any means by which to transport and deliver internationalized data.

Calendar data may pass through many intermediaries before reaching it’s destination, for example event aggregators.

Neither the event producers nor these intermediaries are aware of the language of the consumer.

Public events in particular need the ability to present detailed descriptions and summaries in the natural language of the consumer.


  • localization for iCalendar
  • localization for JSCalendar
  • CC/IETF vObject-i18n that introduces I18n features for vCard
  • CC/ISO 24229 Information and documentation – Codes for transcription systems (with ISO/TC 46/WG 3)
  • CC/ISO [codename: SPN] Computer applications in terminology – Naming – Structure of personal names (with ISO/TC 37/SC 4)
  • Defining a localization data model which ensures clients can present the data in the appropriate form.

Method of Working

  • through TC-LOCALIZATION mailing list

Begin and End Dates

  • Begin: October 2018
  • End: Standing Committee

Milestones and Work Products

Period Milestone
October 2018 TC initiated
June 2019 CC/ISO 24229 initiated
July 2019 CC/ISO SPN initiated
January 2020 CC/ISO 24229 WD
April 2020 CC/ISO 24229 CD
April 2020 CC/ISO SPN WD
July 2020 CC/ISO 24229 DS/DIS
July 2020 CC/ISO SPN CD
October 2020 CC/ISO 24229 published
October 2020 CC/ISO SPN DS/DIS
January 2021 CC/ISO SPN published


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