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During its existence CalConnect has instantiated a number of Technical Committees, most of which were directly concerned with one or another aspect of calendaring and scheduling (e.g. CalDAV, Event Publication, iSchedule, Tasks). Typically these committees finished one or more draft specifications and submitted them to the IETF, and then largely went dormant. At the same time as calendaring and scheduling matured, more of the areas CalConnect began to look at didn’t really fit well into the more specialized committees although they were still often within the general calendaring and schedule domain. Therefore a decision was taken in early 2017 to close the TCs not pursuing active work programs, and transfer remaining programs of work and responsibility for outstanding drafts to a single calendaring-wide Technical Committee.


This technical committee will work on improvements and extensions to iCalendar, CalDAV, and iTIP transports, including but not limited to: iCalendar diff/patch, more compact recurrences, extensions to tasks, consensus scheduling, best current practices for iMIP, and iTIP over HTTP (iSchedule). It will also be responsible for overseeing the progression of outstanding internet drafts and specifications from other closed committees assigned to it.

Out of Scope



  • It will provide input to maintain the lists of outstanding CalConnect internet drafts at the IETF: IETF Submissions.

Begin and End Dates

  • Begin: March 2017
  • End: tbd

Milestones and Work Products

Product Status
WebDAV Prefer RFC Editor Queue
CalDAV Managed Attachments CalExt WG last call
iCalendar Relationships CalExt WG
Publishing Extensions for iCalendar CalExt WG
DAV Sharing Need new author? Need to add CalDAVTester tests by June 1
Subscription Upgrade try to test during CalConnect XXXIX
iSchedule (base) waiting for CalExt WG?
VALARM Extensions post updated draft by April 15 (with or w/o default alarms
Consensus Scheduling (VPOLL) update to use PARTICIPANT by June 1
Task Extensions update to use PARTICIPANT by June 1
VPATCH try to test during CalConnect XXXIX
Enhanced CalDAV Sync try to test during CalConnect XXXIX
iSchedule Authentication/Authorization ???

CALENDAR Mailing List

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Participation on the CALENDAR mailing list will be in accordance with standard CalConnect practices and procedures.


Ken Murchison, FastMail (

Please contact the Chair for more information or to join this Technical Committee.

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