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In its early days Calconnect developed a variety of published documents, such as reports, recommendations, use cases and requirements, proposals (experimental standards), public review documents and administrative documents. CalConnect established formal processes for development, public review, approval, registration and publishing. Over time however specifications development has largely become creating draft specifications to be submitted to the IETF (or very occasionally other groups), and the process documents for our own publishing became seriously out of date.

CalConnect has decided to again publish its own CalConnect Standards, and to co-publish standards with other Standards Development Organizations such as ISO Technical Committees. The processes supporting these and the process documents instantiating them need to be replaced and a committee created for ongoing management of the processes and publications.


TC PUBLISH will be a standing committee chartered to provide recommendations to the Technical Coordination Committee and the CalConnect Board of Directors on CalConnect’s standardization and publication processes, and to develop supporting process documents.

Initially the TC will align our existing and proposed standardization and publication processes with international best practices, such as the ISO standardization process, and the WTO’s Technical Barriers to Trade agreement. The TC will work with the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) to develop the standardized format for CalConnect published documents, and maintain and update CalConnect administrative and process documents as necessary.


  • Revised CalConnect standardization process description. The document describes the CalConnect standardization process, from conception, IPR policy, TC establishment, collaboration policies (liaisons), to the publishing of work items. Since it will also cover TCC processes, TCC’s participation will be needed.

  • A revised Calconnect Document Register scheme and naming process, or changes or additions to accommodate new and revised types of documents.

  • Revised CalConnect standard document requirements. This describes the technical requirements on CalConnect standard publications, such as the sections required, boilerplate text, and formatting.

  • Collaboration (dual-publishing) agreements with other partners (e.g. liaison partners). We already have a draft for ISO to co-develop (i.e. share IPR rights of deliverables) CalConnect/ISO dual published documents, this document details the methods of synchronization and roles of the collaborative parties. We should generalize this for other co-development parties in the future.

  • A revised CalConnect process for developing and publishing internal policies.

Begin and End Dates

  • Begin: July 2018
  • End: Standing Committee

Milestones and Work Products

Period Milestone
31 August 2018 Public Review & Comment mechanism reactivated
September 2018 Document Requirements and Document Publication Processes drafts completed; review at CalConnect XLIII in KarlsRuhe
September 2018 Model co-publication agreement complete; review at CalConnect XLIII
October 2018 Document Requirements, Document Publication Processes and model co-publication agreement to Board for approval at October meeting
October 2018 IPR and Copyright policies reviewed and changes proposed to Board to support CalConnect Standards publication
November 2018 New document numbering scheme implemented; public repository for CalConnect public documents (standards, etc.) implemented
January 2019 Complete update of website to support CalConnect Standards processes
TBD Tailored co-publication agreements for ISO TC 211 and ISO TC 154 complete and adopted by both sides

TC-PUBLISH Mailing List

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Participation on the TC-PUBLISH mailing list will be in accordance with standard CalConnect practices and procedures.


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Please contact the Chairs for more information or to join this Technical Committee.

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