CalendarFest 2021 📆🎉

CalendarFest is a novel (virtual) event, which wants to let users and developers of (electronic) calendar applications, servers, and related groupware systems, share experiences and discuss novel ideas.

CalendarFest will take place 18th of October, 02:30h PM UTC virtually via Zoom, and is held in conjunction with the CalConnect virtual conference.


  • Abstracts for the talks are available on a sub page (see sidebar)


  • Event starts 02:30h PM UTC
  • Introduction to CalendarFest and agenda
  • Short self-introduction of participants

Session: Novel ideas in calendaring

  • Ben Fortuna: Novel applications of iCalendar (how two additional properties open up the possibilities)
  • Carlota Antón: Rethinking a calendar

Short break

Session: Calendar clients and servers

  • Johannes Raggam: The calendaring infrastructure in Plone
  • Tobias Brox: On calendar servers and caldav compatibility

Wrap up

  • Discussion and Outlook
  • End of the Event: 05:30h UTC


Participation at CalendarFest will be free for presenters of accepted talks. Other participants need to register for a small organizational fee, which also allows for participation at the “colocated” CalConnect Virtual Conference.


CalConnect ( is a non-profit partnership between vendors and users of collaboration systems and tools, in particular calendaring and scheduling. CalConnect members convene regularly to discuss and develop standards for electronic calendaring and related topics.

The goal of CalendarFest, which is held in conjunction with the CalConnect Virtual Conference, is to provide an interdisciplinary discussion space for current topics in electronic calendaring from different perspectives.

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