CalConnect STREAMING Technical Committee




TC Streaming will define and document a streaming protocol for calendar data which avoids the polling approach of existing protocols and should provide more timely change feeds for consumers.

This protocol will be sufficiently well specified that it can be used in isolation, e.g. for the Internet of Things.

The TC will investigate and document how this protocol may be used by a number of existing mechanisms such as web sockets, JMS and XMPP.

The TC will also document how this specification may be used as an adjunct to CalDAV and other protocols.

Out of Scope

  • Explicit (access control - transport specific methods will be used)
  • Account provisioning, discovery and management


  • A CalConnect published specification
  • Equivalent specifications published via other organizations as appropriate.

Begin and End Dates

  • Begin: April 2018
  • End: tbd

Milestones and Work Products

Period Milestone
April 2018 TC initiated

STREAMING Mailing List

You must be an employee of a Consortium member to be subscribed to this mailing list. You must be subscribed to the TC SHARING mailing list to post messages to this mailing list.


Participation on the STREAMING mailing list will be in accordance with standard CalConnect practices and procedures.


Mike Douglass (SCG) (

Peter Tam, Ribose (

Please contact the Chairs for more information or to join this Technical Committee.

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