CalConnect LOCALIZATION Technical Committee


Being able to read in one’s own language should be a natural expectation.


TC Localization will standardize on the approach of language localization, as well as representation of localized objects.

The scope of localization includes, but is not limited to, transcription, transliteration and translation systems, as applied to prosal texts, personal and organizational names, postal addresses, as well as other relevant media of information.


  • localization for iCalendar
  • localization for JSCalendar
  • vObject-i18n that introduces I18n features for vCard
  • Transcription systems and codes with ISO/TC 46/WG 3
  • Structured name standards with ISO/TC 37/SC 4
  • Representation of localized objects and text with ISO/TC 37/SC 5

Begin and End Dates

  • Begin: October 2018
  • End: Standing Committee

Milestones and Work Products

Period Milestone
October 2018 TC initiated


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Mike Douglass (SCG) (

Jeffrey Lau, Ribose (

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